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To live is to adapt 

Adapting today generates chronic stress, the management of which is facilitated by medico-nutritional support.
Life begins with an adaptation to the inspiration of oxygen (the baby’s first cry for life) and the expiration (rejection) of carbon dioxide.
This respiration simultaneously generates energy or adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and water molecules (H2O).

I welcome you to discuss with you:

– your past (personal and family ATCD and implications for current health),
– your present (your current complaints),
– your future (a personalized prescription).

Predictive medicine

From birth, every child inherits from his parents a genetic capital which allows him to adapt to his environment.

His lifestyle can disrupt his adaptive capacity and generate long-term dysfunctions.

Nutrigenetics or predictive medicine accompanies the nutrition advisor in the personalization of his enzymatic system and adaptation to lifestyle and environment.

Ex: the polymorphism of the MHTFR and / or MTRR gene in the prescription of Vit B9 and B12

Preventive medicine

Our diet provides “empty calories” (deficiency of essential nutrients)

Our lifestyle is a source of stress and therefore of increased needs for essential nutrients.

Nutritherapy or micronutrition is used by the nutrition advisor for a better prescription of essential nutrients (ex: zinc or iron). This detection of deficiencies or excesses is established through specific questionnaires and / or a blood test.

Nutrition or dietetics will assess the patient’s (client) base and offer them a personalized model so as to minimize deficiencies or excess of essential nutrients.

Functional medicine

Lifestyle and environmental dysfunctions appear as soon as adaptive capacities weaken.

In this state, the cells of our body only partially perform their function.

Functional or integrative medicine provides the tools necessary to restore better cell function (eg during detoxification of environmental disruptors, there is a marked improvement in energy capacities).

Curative medicine

The persistence of a dysfunction causes premature aging of the cells.

The weakened cells can no longer work normally and cause a long-term decrease in hormone production.

In general, the sentences heard: “I am tired when I wake up and I feel better around 11 am”.

When cells are no longer functioning, hormone therapy is sometimes necessary for some patients (clients). A known example: menopause during which the ovaries no longer perform their function at 100%.

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